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There are many reasons for Mahindra being no.1 both in the UV and the tractor markets of India. Probably the most significant is Mahindra's Direct Injection engine technology, which satisfies customers who are as conscious about fuel economy as they are about power.

DIRECT INJECTION - the no compromise engine technology

DI engines by design are much more fuel efficient than IDI engines.

The best thing is that they deliver as much on the power front too. We have spent over two decades refining these engines and now have a patented engine technology that is generations ahead in DI technology.

The Mahindra engine advantage

  • Wet replaceable liners for extended engine life

  • Easily serviceable and low on maintenance cost

  • Structural cylinder block design to easily withstand heavy duty operations

  • No oil top up required between two services


At the heart of each Mahindra engine is technology you can count on. In fact everything that goes into making a Mahindra engine is world class. But it's not just us telling you. The Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers will tell you the same. Our entire process, from manufacturing facilities and technology to sales and service received the highest rating for Total Quality Management and won the Deming Prize - one of the most coveted awards in the world. So when you buy a Mahindra engine you know you have world class technology working for you.

"The Deming Prize is the longest-running and one of the highest awards on TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world. It recognizes both individuals for their contributions to the field of Total Quality Management (TQM) and businesses that have successfully implemented TQM."

FD RANGE - 11kVA to 66kVA


Tel: +39 0522 832004 



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