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TILS is the Tecnoelettra solution for HYBRID DG set.
A full solution: just add canopy and battery pack, and the variable speed, full dc, hybrid unit is ready

Tils includes:     

  • Te809 Tils hybrid controller

  • Tils I/O expansion board

  • A special PMG suitable for variable speed application

  • A 3ph rectifier bridge with ripple reduction filter

  • Speed governor and actuator for speed management

  • Power panel suitable to manage up to 4 power sources (battery, generator, solar, grid)

  • Mahindra Variable speed Engine (TILS is available also on other engine brand)

Main benefits:

  • Only one brain: everything is managed by the Te809 Tils controller

  • It’s a DC variable speed application without active electronic converter

  • High efficiency on all output range

  • A huge choice of settings to design the best charging cycle

  • A lot of special functions coming from the experience of real hybrid applications

If properly sized, the hybrid system with TILS, can guarantee:

  • Minimum 50% of fuel saving

  • Minimum 3x extension of the engine life

  • Minimum 3x extension of maintenance interval

  • ROI in less than 18months compared a traditional AC generator working 24/7


Tel: +39 0522 832004 



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